UCSC Sound Map

The UCSC SoundMap is an ongoing collaboration between graduate and undergraduate students to build a large corpus of surround-sound environmental recordings that highlight the ecological diversity of the campus and surrounding areas, and explore mapping, perceiving, tagging, and visualization strategies for interacting with this large corpus. Jon Myers, a graduate student and instructor for the Music Department, is spearheading this effort. If you would like get involved, please email cnr@ucsc.edu.
Instructions for navigating the map webpage: Click on the calendar icon in the lower left corner to pop open the info panel / tools for filtering pins. Click on the compass icon to bring up a pair of disembodied heads that can be used to rotate / tumble the sound field around. Headphones are required to really get a sense of the effect. The blue pins represent recordings from a much better microphone. 

UCSC Sound Map_Myers

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