Sheltered Spring podcast

Sheltered Spring Podcast

A COVID-era remote internship

COVID-19 has had the world sheltering in place. Here in our place of coastal California, spring happened. Then fall (we took the summer off from the podcast!). Then winter. Then back to spring. In spring 2020, 8 undergraduate students from University of California, Santa Cruz lifted the blinds and peel back the petals. These students were your guides as we pondered springtime happenings in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Eight more students joined the virtual fray in fall 2020, when we introduced a new angle to the podcast: students would adopt an outdoor location somewhere near their home, where they would make weekly visits and document their naturalist journey as they got to know their area through observation, inquiry, and exploration. We continued this approach with 4 undergraduates in winter 2021 and 3 more in spring 2021. Join us as we explore intersections of humans and nature in the lockdown era. We’re stuck inside, or we were at least, but spring (and each other season, as the pandemic ground on) is happening outside. This is Sheltered Spring.

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