Managing invasive species in Porter Meadow

Here's how you can help steward this incredible campus!

  1. Participate in a stewardship internship with the Campus Natural Reserve or UCSC Site Stewardship Program.
  2. Leave no trace--pack out what you pack in, and dispose of other litter you find while you're out and about.
  3. Mountain bikes are allowed only on paved surfaces and fire roads at UCSC---none of the single-track trails are authorized for biking.
  4. Avoid using the trails when they are wet---if you're leaving a mark, the trails are too wet. 
  5. Observe your impact to the places you choose to spend time in---are you compacting all the duff under the redwoods? Are you trampling the grasslands and wearing them down to bare dirt? Are you creating new trails? Try to disperse your activities so you're not impacting one spot over and over again.
  6. Report storm water and erosion issues to the UCSC Storm Water Management Program.
  7. Treat Empire Cave lightly. There are very rare organisms that call it home. Please do not smoke, light fires, spray paint, or leave trash in the cave. Choosing to not enter the cave is the best choice for the rare critters that call it home.
  8. Respect trail closures and signage.
  9. Learn more about the habitats and organisms that call UCSC home.