The Triangle

The Triangle (4 acres) 

General Description: South of the Arboretum and Empire Grade, Moore Creek flows through a gulch within the campus reserve. This area also includes a tiny patch of grassland adjacent to Empire Grade. 

Plants: The gulch is densely vegetated and rich in species, including coast live oak, coyote brush, willows (Salix spp.), Ceonothus species, madrone (Arbutus menziesii), and rushes (Juncus spp.). 

Animals: This riparian and edge habitat, bordering on the grasslands, supports many bird and small mammal species (Luckenbach 1983). 

Management: Invasive species management activities began along the western edge of this parcel in spring 2014, where a dense stand of French broom is established. 

Opportunities for teaching, research, and stewardship: This parcel is relatively inaccessible for classes, as it requires either walking along Empire Grade to the small grassland patch or climbing over a barbed wire fence along its Mima Meadow (western) border. Research involving riparian ecology, water quality, or the effectiveness of invasive species management could occur within this parcel. The main stewardship opportunity in the Triangle parcel is invasive species management.